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Businesses are focused on increasing efficiency with present resources. Enhancing efficiency with existing resources is a challenging task in marketing, sales and distribution sector. The right kind of labour force in a guided direction has proven its positive effect on marketing, sales and distribution. Assigning workers in a preset geographical route is a question of tactics and is efficiently done by management by looking at the address specifics of the tasks to be completed. But how does the vital need of tracking about the whereabouts of every employee possible? The management cannot keep calling their employees constantly just to know the extent of completion of their task-routes. The employer has to figure out an easier way than that.

What if an android app helps the employers know as and when their employees meet clients? What if geographical tracking is possible on the go which will help the management keep track of task-route completion, along with their focus on other routine work as well?

Rain Plus Track is a high-end app that helps you track the precise location of your employees no matter where they are deployed.

As an admin, you can and track their location throughout the set working hours. The app provides highly accurate information as it only relies on GPS to track the location of your employees. You can know the places your employees have visited and the time spent there.

The employees can be added by you under the users list page in the Rain Plus Track App. You can individually decide on the track configuration for each of your employees. Track configuration includes details such as the name, email, track time interval, sync time, from and to time (24-hour format), days to be tracked on, etc.

If you want to stop tracking an employee, you can block the employee using the edit user option.

Here are the key features of Rain Plus Track:

  • Liberty to add unlimited employees and choose the track parameters individually
  • Know your employee’s current location anytime
  • Preset the working hours and track employees during the set working hours. This app also allows you to set different hours of work to every employee
  • Retrieve location details of employees anytime, anywhere
  • Block employees as per your business requirements

Trial version of this tracking app allows the addition of up to 4 employees apart from one Admin account. You can download the App here.

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