Mobile wave: Can it boost FMCG on-field sales management?

Mobile, the buzz surrounding this transformative technology fails to show any signs of abatement. This piece of technology has drastically changed the way we connect and interact and how we work. Work is no longer confined to the physical boundaries of the workspace. While FMCGs have been quick to adopt new technology, enterprise mobility is still considered a strategic challenge.

FMCGs not only have to manage several SKUs and distributors but also numerous retailers. In this scenario, continuous monitoring, guidance and location tracking of sales staff is cumbersome. On-field staff management acquires a whole new level of significance. Will riding the mobile wave help FMCGs address these challenges? We list three reasons why FMCGs should go mobile:

Real-time location monitoring –  The sales manager can avail real-time updates about on-field staff in transit as the mobile app installed in the sales staffs’ mobile leverages the GPS function to pinpoint their exact location. This valuable visibility enables sales manager to efficiently streamline the process and increase the productivity of the sales team, while also ensuring that customer relationships are strengthened.

Mobile-based stock taking – Current stock taking processes relying on spreadsheets and paper files are time consuming, manually taxing and error prone. A mobile app that enables stock taking can prove a powerful business tool as it ensures that details entered into the app can be viewed by the sales manager back at the office headquarters.

Derive key insights – Sales manager is offered a clear view of what is going on within the sales funnel. This helps better decide which opportunity should be focused and capitalized on. Sales manager can also understand if a newly launched product has managed to capture the market, gain rich feedback and increase the sales.

Rain+ Move, a cutting-edge software solution that has been developed keeping FMCGs in mind helps effectively manage primary and secondary sales distribution. Affordable, easy-to-use and accessible on all devices, Rain+ Move helps at every phase from launching a product to attaining crucial feedback. FMCGs can also slice and dice market sentiment about products, convert seasonal demand into sales, enhance on-field staff management and better collaborate with business partners.

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