Is mobile stock taking the future of retail sales management?

Stock taking can get complex over time with multiple products. Excel or spreadsheets no longer suffice for wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Ensuring consistency in the records can mean precious business hours and a need for manual entry.

Mobile has replaced bulky laptops and desktops when it comes to being utilized to execute several business tasks. Work-on-the-go is more than just a catchy phrase being used to capture reader attention. Can wholesalers, retailers and distributors leverage the wireless piece of technology to revolutionize the way order taking has been executed since its inception?

Mobile and order stocking

Wholesalers, retailers and distributors can take advantage the immense flexibility mobile offers. A retail business may undertake stock taking on a daily basis. This entails traveling to various customer touch points. Mobile helps salesmen assigned to various routes to record stock based information on the go. Information entered by the salesman using the mobile can be viewed by the personnel back in the office headquarters. Data can be stored in offline mode as well. In a nutshell, a mobile based stock taking software ensures smooth and efficient stock taking.

Other key benefits of leveraging a mobile stock taking software are:

  • Reduced costs – There is no upfront capital investment for wholesalers, retailers and distributors in terms of hardware or software. They can leverage the easily available mobile devices.
  • Future proof – Certain technology solutions can be disrupted by drastic changes in the technology landscape. Mobile however, is being increasingly heralded as the way forward to execute several crucial business functions. So a mobile based stock taking software is an investment that is sure to lead to increased ROI.
  • Increased efficiency – Wholesalers, retailers and distributors can standardized field activities.
  • Analyze product performance – Wholesalers, retailers and distributors gain a clear view of which products are leading to an increase in profits and which products fail to move past the shelves. This helps take corrective action immediately.
  • Strengthened customer relationship – Retail is built on a network of critical relationships. Mobile based stock taking enables timely replenishment of stock. This in turn aids in better collaborating with business partners.

Discover how Rain+ Move, a cutting-edge software solution for retailers, wholesalers and distributors eases the complexity associated with retail sales management through its mobile version.


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