Farm to the fork: Can you rise to the traceability challenge?

What if we told you that product traceability can make or break your business? No, we are not just adding to the hype surrounding traceability. We are just keen to know if your company is capable of recalling products easily, in the case of any quality issues.

In this day and age, consumers attach more importance to quality than other product attributes. And, rightly so. Food adulteration incidents have been on the rise. The incidents are not limited to small players who shun away from investing in a traceability software but also big companies.

Food adulteration and no mention of maggi? That seems impossible, right. Nestle dominated the noodle segment in the Indian market until the adulteration scandal turned the tables around and fast. The company was forced to destroy 45 crore maggi packets worth Rs 320 crore. While Nestle is fast regaining lost ground, the impact of the scandal is yet to fade away. Consumers till today are rightfully wary of consuming what was once their favourite brand of instant noodles. Another key take away from the maggi quality scare is that a company of a smaller size would have had to shut down, but given that Nestle is a conglomerate, it was able to bounce back without a significant financial impact.

Will your company survive a similar incident without much damage, financially or otherwise? Now, we have got you thinking, right?

Food traceability is also important from a compliance point of view. There are several laws that mandate food quality and indirectly traceability.

Yes, now that we have your full attention let us get into the details. So now you have realised traceability is a business necessity, but how do you go about ensuring the same?

When it comes to food processing, lot traceability is key for you to ensure end-to-end traceability. Why, you ask? Simple. You can limit the scope of a recall with lot traceability. Let’s say, govt agencies allege that your products are adulterated/contaminated. Now, how do you which particular batch of products is unfit for human consumption? Or identify the source of contamination whether raw materials or otherwise.

If you know a particular lot of products is contaminated, then you can recall only them. If you fail to identify the lot, the recall will include several thousand, resulting in a major loss.

Is it avoidable? Totally.

FrontalRain’s Rain Plus Make, a food processing software for food and agribusiness companies helps you allot a unique number to each batch to ensure that you can trace them anytime, anywhere. How does it work?

Traceability software

The whole process right from purchasing raw materials to converting them into finished goods is captured  using the software. Based on the parameters you choose Rain Plus Make will help you automatically generate  batch numbers which eventually will be displayed on the packaged good. The date, the raw materials used, the  source of raw materials, the quality analysis done when procuring the raw materials and at the finished good  level can easily be sought using this unique batch code, giving you immense control. You can also know if any  products belong to that particular batch is yet to be sold. So taking a step back and checking what went wrong  has never been easier.

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