Are spreadsheets affecting your manufacturing business?

Spreadsheets are still largely used by manufacturers despite the numerous software solutions available. Manufacturers consider spreadsheets as an easier way of recording day-to-day processes and financials. While it makes sense at the start when the business is just growing, it can get trickier as the business picks up pace.

When the business picks up speed, food and beverage manufacturers will have to deal with the multitude of spreadsheets making data invalid. As consolidation of data becomes a complicated affair. Manufacturers are still reluctant to admit that spreadsheets are not a business asset.

We list reasons why manufacturers should consider adopting a cloud-based software solution to manage end-to-end manufacturing process:

  1. Reentering data – Multiple spreadsheets mean rekeying the same data over and over again. Leaving room for significant human errors. Ever scanned through your spreadsheets and discovered plenty of human errors? Yes? No? If these human errors are not detected, it could result in operational costs and business delays that your business could do without.
  2. Data duplication – You might consider the fact that spreadsheets can be moved, edited and readily created as a big plus point. But, what if you are unable to know where the spreadsheet you want is stored? You will end up spending precious time and money to identify incorrect, missing or duplicate records. The wrong files could be updated. Calculations based on redundant data could also impact your expected budget or ROI.
  3. Unsafe data – Needless to say, spreadsheets need to be handled carefully to avoid inconsistencies and inaccuracies. While ideally one user should manage the data being entered in a spreadsheet, there are several people who do it. In which case, confidential data can be accessed easily.
  4. No data backup – Despite data being the lifeblood for manufacturers, many small time manufacturers lack a data recovery plan. This when data is stored in multiple folders, making it difficult to gain a comprehensive view of business processes. So you might miss out on an opportunity or issue that needs to be taken care of.

Rain plus Make is process manufacturing software for food processing plants to ensure operational excellence by helping at every stage. Right from the receiving the goods to managing sales. Food processors can benefit instantly from enhanced sales and reduced costs.

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