Agricultural commodities from Pakistan face a threat of ban in EU?

The express tribune has recently reported that mangoes from Pakistan might be restricted to enter European Union(EU). Fresh food export from Pakistan is likely to have a hard hit if the ban is imposed. Few Indian fruits and vegetables were banned last fiscal year due to presence of flies in the consignment. Warnings had been extended to Pakistan on similar grounds then. Pakistan had come up with stringent quality containments and avoided the ban last year (2014). This had also benefited the growers and exporters since their earnings had more than doubled, though the volume had decreased compared to 2013. This measure had reduced the rejects from 236 in 2013 to 3 in 2014.

During this fiscal year, 3 consignments of mango from Pakistan are already intercepted in EU. All agricultural imports from Pakistan will be banned if two more consignments get rejected. Millions of dollars earning from mango exports will be at stake if a ban is imposed. It takes years for ban to be lifted and the markets to open up again.

But the Department of Plant Protection (Ministry of National Food Security and Research), Pakistan has announced that the video conference with the European Union (EU) has confirmed that EU has relaxed the conditions on ban. The maximum limit of five interceptions for any agricultural commodity will be only for the remaining season and the count will start from Zero next year. The ministry has also mentioned that the EU will conduct video conference and negotiate the terms before imposing ban on agricultural commodities.

Industry officials scrutinizing the consignments opinioned that the issue needs to addressed since production at farm. The dramatic improvement with maintaining strict quality at source during 2013 confirms a large influence from government interventions. Hence the issue has the production and compliance to be strictly monitored at.

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