5 easy steps to boost sales staff productivity

Sales is the lifeblood of any business that offers products or services to customers. It is no secret that every business is focused on increasing sales by closing more deals. But even the best businesses are stumped when it comes to improving the productivity of their salesmen. Salesmen who are on-field and based out of different places. The ones who do the important work – engage with customers, take orders, monitor stock and ensure deliveries.

In this day and age of real-time data and increased competition, retail companies can scarce take a backseat when it comes to giving their on-field sales staff a push in the right direction. But how can retail companies go about achieving the same?

  1. Provide access to accurate customer data – On-field staff need all the information available when working with customers. How do retail companies offer onfield staff complete visibility when it comes to customers and geo-tag their location as well? This data is of utmost importance so the accuracy has to be bang on. That when your sales staff will be looking to mine actionable insights and analytics
  2. Automate reporting – Onfield staff apparently spend about 20 minutes manually entering data into reports. In a year, that is about 52 weeks. What if there was a software that could allow retail companies to outline the route, record sales tasks, orders, collections and other tasks?
  3. Valuable insights – Your onfield staff must have inputs to make the right decisions. How can retail companies make available historical information about customers, focus products and other necessary details?
  4. Actionable insights for middle management – Your onfield staff has all the information they need. How do we aid middle management to better monitor their team? A retail sales management software gives the middle management real-time updates about the location of an onfield staff and the activities they have undertaken in a day.
  5. Getting reports right – How can retail companies decide on the future course if they lack a unified view of sales data? With a retail sales software, companies can get insights such as channel wise sales, product wise today sales, product wise current monthly sales, unit wise today sales and unit wise current month sales.

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