4 Cloud Business Benefits for Agriculturists

Cloud-based solutions have been evolving at a great pace since its inception. While the concept is not new, it has only recently started gaining favour in the agribusiness sector. A sector in which notebooks and spreadsheets have long been considered a way of life. Like all new technologies, cloud-based software solutions have been met with trepidation in the agricultural sector. However, the number of agriculturists increasingly adopting cloud-based solutions has been exponential. We list 4 major business benefits to explain why cloud-based solutions are perfect for agriculturists:

  • Cost savings – Cloud-based solution providers usually offer ‘pay-as-you-use’ pricing plans. The key advantage of this approach is that you can move up as your business continues to expand in size. Additionally, there is no need for additional investment like hardware, anti-virus, UPS, air-conditioned rooms and expensive staff.
  • Easy to launch – You do not have to waste time managing the installation and implementation of the system as cloud-based solutions can be utilised almost immediately. As opposed to on-premise hosting which requires substantial investment in IT technology. On-premise hosting solutions also most often fail to meet company’s needs and end up costing them a fortune.
  • Can be accessed from virtually anywhere – On-premise hosting solutions traditionally provide only in-house access through a server hosted in the office. A device that is connected to the internet is all that is required to access a cloud-based solution. This is particularly important as you can stay up-to-date on business proceedings on-the-go and collaborate more effectively in a secure environment.
  • Enhanced security – Security has always been a key concern with regards to adopting cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based solutions can only be accessed over an encrypted connection. Strikingly similar to how you access internet banking. This ensures that the data is secure.


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